The BASTI web based Synthetic HB Program
Synthetic HB Generator is a web interface written in PERL language by Dr. A. Pietrinferni from Teramo Observatory (Italy) in collaboration with Dr. S. Cassisi from Teramo Observatory (Italy), Dr. D. Cordier from ENSCR (France) and Dr. M. Salaris from Liverpool John Moores University (UK). This program uses evolutionary tracks from Pietrinferni A., Cassisi S., Salaris M. and Castelli F. (2004, ApJ - vol. 612, 168) and from A. Pietrinferni, S. Cassisi, M. Salaris and F. Castelli (2006, ApJ - vol. 642, 797). This Web Tool is not a simple applet and as it is server side based, it is robust and fast.


User Id:
Number of stars for the simulation (Max: 2000)

Heavy Elements Mixture
Scaled solar
α - enhanced
Color-Temperature Transformation
WFC3@HST UVIS channel
WFC3@HST IR channel
Chemical Composition
Z= 0.0001 Y= 0.245
Z= 0.008 Y= 0.256
Z= 0.0003 Y= 0.245
Z= 0.01 Y= 0.259
Z= 0.0006 Y= 0.246
Z= 0.0198 Y= 0.273
Z= 0.001 Y= 0.246
Z= 0.03 Y= 0.288
Z= 0.002 Y= 0.248
Z= 0.04 Y= 0.303
Z= 0.004 Y= 0.251