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last modification: 11 Mar 2014

The tar archive files in these section contain the BaSTI scaled-solar tracks and isochrones for "non-canonical" case, computed without mass loss. The case η=0 is completely new, because not originally included in the BaSTI archive.

Moreover, in these new sets of isochrones the age-spacing is equal to 0.1Gyr for age larger than 1Gyr (instead of 0.25 Gyr between 1 and 4 Gyr and 0.5 Gyr for larger ages as in the original BaSTI database).

Each file provides magnitudes in the Johnson-Cousins, Stroemgren, and Sloan filters (we refer to the main BaSTI pages for details about the source of the adopted bolometric corrections). Additional passbands are available upon request.

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